photo   Some of our land has been in the family for over 100 years. My daddy bought the rest when he started farming after getting out of the army at the end of World War II. He farmed it; I am farming it; and now my son, Ned, is farming it too. We want it to stay in the family; and to stay like it is. We would also like our community to stay like it is. Several of us in the area have put conservation easements on our property. These easements, with the Clemson Pee Dee REC in the middle, are a good start in keeping it that way. The tax benefits were nice too; particularly with the provisions available to farmers. The Pee Dee Land Trust is a wonderful organization to work with. They recognize the value of working farms and forests. They don't think that conservation means leaving everything alone, but rather, preserving what we've worked so hard for, and protecting it forever.

- Edwin