About Planned Giving


We want to help you help us preserve the Pee Dee.

By committing to give a planned gift to the Pee Dee Land Trust, you will be making a significant contribution toward ensuring that clean rivers, productive farmlands, healthy forests, and rich wildlife remain in the Pee Dee area forever; for your children and children’s children to enjoy as much as you do.  There are several ways to give, and each way can potentially be profitable for you, as well as the Pee Dee.  Click here to learn which method of giving best lines up with your financial aspirations.  We encourage you to consult a legal or financial advisor before making a planned gift to the Pee Dee Land Trust. 

Did you know that an investment in the Pee Dee Land Trust can be more profitable to you than CD’s, the money market, and other investments?

With a planned gift, you can take positive and meaningful steps toward your financial goals while helping to preserve and protect the land that you love.  Unlike many charitable organizations, land trusts have an obligation to uphold their conservation agreements in perpetuity – so any investment in the Pee Dee Land Trust has the added security of staying with an organization that is chartered to be in existence for a long, long, time.   Financial benefits to you could include:

How will your money be used?

You will direct how your gift is to be used.  Gifts of any kind can be designated for stewardship of protected lands, land or easement acquisition, endowment, and other uses.      

Legacy group

When you pledge to make a planned gift to the Pee Dee Land Trust, you will be inducted into our exclusive Pee Dee Legacy Group.  Along with our eternal gratitude and the knowledge that they are helping preserve the Pee Dee for future generations, members receive:

  • Special private events
  • Special gifts
  • Free membership

Thank you for your consideration

Any planned gift, no matter the size, is deeply appreciated and will go a long way toward ensuring that our land remains open, thriving, and beautiful.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have and thank you for considering a planned gift to the Pee Dee Land Trust.

All gifts are subject to review by the Pee Dee Land Trust Board before they are accepted.