Florence Christian School- 6th Grade

on Tuesday, 27 September 2016. Posted in Black Creek BioBlitz

FCS Sept 16

Over 40 energetic 6th graders from Florence Christian visited Dargan Preserve on a very wet, humid week. The first group of students managed to avoid the rain but the second group didn’t get so lucky. Thankfully, the rain did not deter students from exploring and continued to take the challenge head-on.

On humid days, the best living organism to search for is fungi which can take on many different forms. Mushrooms, for example, are easy to see with the naked eye and are very diverse in color, shape, and size. In every location of the preserve, students were able to discover a wide range of mushrooms and did their best to identify them using provided field guides. Turkey tail, jelly fungi, and Witches Butter were just a few of the fungi found.  Additionally, students were able to see a young Eastern box turtle (approx. the size of a half-dollar), ground skink, and a random assortment of arthropods and insects.

Students were asked about their favorite part of the journey and we had responses including finding the turtle, viewing the creek, and using the hoe to roll over the logs. It is always a joy hearing how different