About Conservation

In the Pee Dee region, people love the land. Our culture is interconnected with the waters we fish and swim, the forests we hunt, and the farms and fields where we work and play. Our history has been shaped by this relationship, and our understanding of it can affect and improve our future.

We realize that once special places are gone, they’re gone. The loss of natural and historical resources has a profound impact on an area’s community, as well as on its ecology. Once changed, the land’s deeply intertwined role in a community cannot be reclaimed. The land that ties us to our history and links us to our future will be gone if we do not take purposeful action to conserve the places that make us who we are. As PDLT member and easement donor Steve Jones says, “land conservation keeps the South southern.”

Pee Dee Land Trust works diligently to preserve and grow the unique relationship between the people and the land. We strive to protect the Pee Dee’s special places so that they will be available for generations to come. 

Pee Dee Land Trust has reprinted an updated copy of its Landowner Easement Guide thanks to the support of Duke Energy. This valuable resource is fully updated with 2015 tax guidelines on the state and federal level. Download a copy of our Guide to Land Protection and Conservation Easements